$88.00 USD

7 Days Of Holistic Self Care Challenge

Beginners Guide to Energy Healing for Holistic Wellbeing through Simple + Powerful Acts of Self Connection and Care

What you'll learn: 

  • intro to holistic self care, the chakras, + the challenge
  • quiz to assess where energy is blocked/balanced 
  • cheat sheet for each of the 7 major energy centers
  • 50+ affirmations to balance your chakras
  • 50+ self care practices to balance your chakras
  • bonus: 20-minute coaching call with Staci to map out an ongoing holistic self care plan + 7 days of email support (*included)
  • optional add-on: a recorded yoga flow, breathwork, guided meditation or mindfulness practice, and 30-minute check-in with Staci for any-all chakras depending on your comfort level/ability  (**not included)